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6 easy tips on how and WHY you should declutter that wardrobe for 2022

6 easy tips on how and WHY you should declutter that wardrobe for 2022

Did you know that clutter in your home can impact your mental health?? Crazy right


We all know what this feels like. A wardrobe over flowing with 'stuff'. Clothes, handbags and shoes just thrown in, in an attempt to 'tidy'.


In the age of consumerism, the more we buy and then don't organise or throw out, the more clutter we have in our homes which can significantly impact our lives. And 'from experience' there is nothing more cluttered than a wardrobe


Research has shown that excessive clutter can cause


An Inability to Focus and Process Information: Having physical unorganised objects lying around are "visual stimuli" that can compete for your attention, thereby affecting your task performance.

Increase Stress: When people are dealing with their belongings, their stress hormones spike. Stress can lead to increased blood pressure as well as problems in the heart.

Likelihood of Depression: Some experts see a relationship between clutter and depression. Other experts associated clutter with hoarding, with hoarding strongly linked to depression


What can we do??


Here are 6 things you can do today to help get rid of that cluttered wardrobe (or home)


Just start!

When you start to declutter, you already have a good idea about what you want to keep or dispose. Create five boxes and label them: rubbish, give away, keep, relocate (to a designated spot), and “maybe”

“Maybe” means those items that are maybe useful in the future. Once the “maybe” container is full, stash it somewhere. If you don’t remember what’s inside that box the next time you see it (perhaps months later), you’ll realize that you don’t need any of them. Get rid of them and give yourself more living space!


Get inside your wardrobe!!

Take out your clothes and shoes, and ask yourself these questions -

a, Have I worn this in the last year?

b, Does this spark joy?

If the answer is no to both .... send it packing to the charity shop.


Make it a routine


Just like exercising and going to work, you’ll need to commit to make decluttering as part of your daily routine. This is especially helpful for those who work on a tight schedule.


Use your imagination

Before you start decluttering, imagine how you want your decluttered home/wardrobe or room to look. Decluttering is an opportunity to give your home and wardrobe a fresh new look, and a mental vision will motivate you towards that direction


How do you feel?

If you feel unsexy, unmotivated, unbusinesslike, untrendy and lacking in a little self love. Clearing out old clothes that just arn't 'you' anymore and investing in a brand new wardrobe will not only make you feel better and braver but it will give you bags more confidence. And who doesn't want that ;)



Once you've recycled all those items you have worn in about 10 years, it's time to organise your wardrobe and clothes! You can group them based on colors, frequency of use, or season. Make it fun


Finally .... take this mindset and try to declutter each area of your home. Once you 'take things away' you make room for more abundance to come :)


Jen x


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