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5 reasons you should be buying Vintage and Preloved in 2022

5 reasons you should be buying Vintage and Preloved in 2022

5 reasons you should be buying Vintage and Preloved in 2022



1. You save money!


Why spend over a thousand pounds on a designer coat when you can get the same impeccable quality at the fraction of the price. Take your time to research which retailers are sourcing great quality second hand pieces. Always look at reviews as these will give you a good idea as to what quality you can be expect. Ask questions! Genuine independent sellers of pre loved designer items will always be willing to answer all of your questions ad send you more images if you need them. A lot of people prefer buying their clothes, handbags, furniture, and kids' items from thrift shops. Their reason being that several branded new items, especially clothes are made with lesser quality materials and sold at high prices


2. You get quality!


Have you ever looked at some wool coats from your mum or nans wardrobe and admired the tailoring and quality of the material?? (Just me then) Garments, especially outerwear, 20/30 years ago were always made from really lovely materials. I always look for pure new wool, 100% wool or a wool mix like wool & cashmere. These will last a lifetime. Get looking any those labels, and remember you can always ask questions. You’ll never find a cheaper high street equivalent with the same quality


3. You’re helping the planet


“The average American throws away around 81 pounds of clothing yearly” (Saturday Evening Post, 2018)

Clothing has become more readily available than ever, triggering our consumer behaviors to change for the worse. By thinking of the garments we wear as short term tools rather than long term investments, we contribute to wasteful consumption patterns that inevitably lead us towards drastic climate change. So choosing to shop preloved can help, even in a small way


4. You’re part of something special


“One in three young women, the biggest segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old”

This is such a strong statement, it’s quite scary really. Could you be the change, could you share your pre loved find with a friend. We all need to start be conscious consumers. It really does start with us. There is such a strong and rising fashion trend within vintage and buying preloved, is it time to be part of it? It is almost impossible to buy used items from people regularly without building a friendship and community


5. Discover designer brands


You might have never shopped designer before ... maybe you thought it was too expensive or something you couldn't justify, but if you buy pre loved, designer brands do become more accessible. You can definitely tell between designer and high street. There's a quality that is unparalleled and it comes from the materials used and the tailoring. Once you feel that quality. Once it makes you feel super special, there's no way back :)


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